What's going on at The Center?

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Annual Labor Day  Carry In!

Come join us at our Annual Labor Day Carry In on Friday, August 31st at 11:30 AM!  This will be the last carry in at Jenks Rest, so you won't want to miss it!  If planning to attend, please contact The Center @ Jenks Rest at 765-447-2311


New Location, New Name!

This August The Center will be moving across town to the Northend Community Center, located on Elmwood Avenue.  Along with a new location, The Center will be formally changing it's name to the Tippecanoe Senior Center.  

The Northend Community Center will offer many more amenities for seniors and their families to enjoy, including a fitness center, walking track, and swimming pool.   The new location will also feature a Flour Mill Bakery and Cafe, however seniors will still have access to the bistro.  

Expect some delays and cancellations in our regular programs as our staff begins the process of moving.   The Center will work hard to notify guests of any schedule changes as soon as possible.  We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation.  



Prize BINGO   Monday  1:00PM

Money BINGO Wednesday  card sales  9:00AM  

                                                            games  10:00AM

Money BINGO Friday            card sales 9:00AM

                                                           games  10:00AM